Be Ordinary

Be Ordinary

April 15th 2015 | Posted in Blog, Personal Development

A client recently gave me the book Ordinary. It was a timely gift that has spawned some interesting conversations with family and friends. One of the main talking points of the book is that in our society no one wants to be ordinary. We perceive that ordinary is mundane and boring. We are led to believe that we are somehow giving in to mediocrity if we settle for the ordinary. As we chase the new and exciting, we quickly become frustrated and disillusioned. Grabbing for what we perceive to be bigger and better never produces what we expected and in the end never satisfies. Society doesn’t help the matter. Our fast-paced, materialistic, don’t get too comfortable or settle for anything less than the best mentality ends up being exhausting and futile. It’s life draining, not life giving.

This message speaks to me as I navigate through my own life, try to encourage my kids, and advise clients. Life isn’t about getting up to the plate and trying to hit a home run every time. It’s about being present and reliable and doing the right things consistently. It’s about investing in people instead of the distractions that entice us every day. I’m learning that is it okay to be ordinary. It’s the way to create a sustainable, fulfilling life.

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