Blog Series: The Master’s Difference

Blog Series: The Master’s Difference

October 3rd 2016 | Posted in Blog, Market + Industry

Driving a high performance car can be an exhilarating experience, but no matter how much fun you have driving a car, the basic purpose behind driving is to get from one place to another. Although the driving experience can vary greatly depending on the car, any functional car can get you where you want to go.

In the same way that the purpose of driving a car is to physically get you to your desired destination, the purpose of investing in the stock market is to get you where you want to go financially. At Master’s we focus on helping our clients identify their financial goals. We then develop a strategy to help them pursue those goals. We believe the stock market is simply a vehicle to help them get to their financial destination. We design and build various diversified portfolios using a blend of stock and bond funds that target specific risk and return characteristics. The higher risk and return portfolios are designed for longer-term financial goals; conversely, the lower risk and return portfolios are designed for goals that require a higher level of predictability. The primary objective behind our portfolio design is to help our clients arrive safely and on time at their financial destination.

Owning high performance individual stocks might make for some entertaining conversation at you next social gathering, but if you want to accomplish your financial goals, matching the appropriate investment portfolio to your specific financial goals is the prudent path to follow. Taking time to consider what you want to accomplish is an important planning step that many never take time to do. Our discovery interview is designed to help you identify and articulate your financial ambitions. If you are ready to create a step by step action plan to accomplish your goals, the Master’s team would love to schedule a meeting with you to begin the process of creating a financial map for you to follow.

Lyle E. Hershey | CLU®, RICP®, CFP CEO / Founding Partner

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