Blog Series: The Master’s Difference

Blog Series: The Master’s Difference

October 17th 2016 | Posted in Blog, Strategy

As we conclude our blog series, “The Master’s Difference,” today’s blog will focus on Master’s unique approach to creating a personalized financial plan. The primary reason for using the services of a financial planner is to get objective opinions and advice regarding your entire financial picture. Your financial planner should understand your personal goals and objectives, your values, and the things that are most important to you. A financial plan is constructed from those conversations and should then provide guidance in making wise financial decisions for you and your loved ones, both now, and well into the future.

At Master’s Advisors, we apply three unique perspectives to creating and maintaining your personal financial plan:

-Your plan is created by our Strategy & Design team, not by one individual or by plugging numbers into boiler-plate software. A team of four or five individuals, utilizing their individual skills, expertise, and life experiences, collaborate to create a personalized plan tailored just for you.

-We are committed to pro-active planning instead of reactive planning. Our industry often promotes planning after major life events. We believe a well-constructed plan builds-in, plans for, and monitors change, so that many decisions can be made in preparation for the next major life event before it occurs.

-We believe that the plan should become both the map to guide and the measuring stick to monitor progress, for all future financial decisions. A well-constructed plan should precede and inform decisions made about your money and your investments.

As your financial planners our primary responsibility is to proactively measure and monitor your current situation in view of the long-term goals laid out in your personalized financial plan. We will address how the markets are affecting your investments, but we will focus more on your plan and if it is on track to meet your goals and objectives. Planning how to steward your resources, plus the application of other time-tested financial principals, provides the environment to live life without focusing on money, and allows you to concentrate on the things of lasting value that are most important to you.

Timothy S. Tyson | CFP® Client Service Director

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