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I recently had the opportunity to attend the U.S. Women’s Open golf tournament at Lancaster Country Club. I had only been to LCC one other time, but I had never been on the course itself. It is a beautiful course and the weather was absolutely perfect on the day I went. To say I had a good time would be a gross understatement.

My drive to and from work takes me past LCC every day. A couple of weeks before the first practice round I started to see signs that the section of road that LCC was located on would be closed during the week of the U.S. Open. For me, this meant that I would have to find a different way into work.

Fortunately for me, I was given time in advance to plan and adjust my schedule. But most times this isn’t the case. Whether minor or major, detours cause us to deviate from our regular route. In the moment it is easy to be frustrated, annoyed, or even angry. But maybe taking a detour isn’t always a bad thing.

Taking a different path offers a different perspective. Although it took me an extra 5-10 minutes to get to work, I got to see different sights during my drive. Changing up my routine, even if only for a week, was refreshing. I found myself to be more positive and happier.

As I’ve gotten older, it’s becoming clear to me that life is going to be full of detours. I have an idea of the path I’d like to travel, but I don’t want to get so focused on the end that I miss the sights on the way. My hope is that when a detour comes up, however long and difficult it may be, I can have an attitude that will allow me to change my perspective and find something positive in the experience.

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