Investment Review Committee (IRC)

Master’s Investment Review Committee (IRC) exists to add value to your investment experience through a structured due diligence process and ongoing monitoring of the investment landscape. Most advisors in our industry rarely review or evaluate investments after they have positioned a client’s assets. Because of Master’s IRC, you can be confident that you and your investment accounts will not be forgotten.

The financial landscape changes rapidly, and it is very difficult for a single advisor to stay in front of the curve. Master’s, on the other hand, employs a systematic, intentional process of due diligence that utilizes various members of our team.

Our commitment to research enables us to stay fresh and relevant as we evaluate new and existing investments. Technology, economic changes and new information are all factors that impact the investment environment and help us find new opportunities. The IRC regularly assesses the suite of investment portfolios that we use to service a wide variety of client profiles.

Our commitment to investment due diligence stands out in an industry that typically is satisfied with the minimum standard. The systematic work of our IRC helps us give you comprehensive, relevant and cutting edge financial advice.

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