Master’s Core + Income Architecture + Retirement Services Package

  1. Financial Decision Making
    There are many financial paths to navigate throughout our lives. Constant reminders of successful financial habits are necessary to reach your desired goals and objectives. We guide you with advice rooted in long-term financial principals and provide counsel to help you avoid common behavioral financial mistakes. We are your partner through every step of the financial decision making process.
  2. Financial Goal Setting & Prioritization
    We build a “working” financial plan that evolves as your situation changes. Leveraging the experience of our team of advisors, our strategy and design meetings shape a plan built specifically for you. We don’t focus on product, jargon or complicated and convoluted planning scenarios. Instead, we focus on a plan that states simply your goals and objectives and what you need to do to reach them.

  3. Resource Management
    After discovering your goals and building your plan, we work with you to allocate your resources in a way that helps you pursue your goals. We focus on both the allocation of your income and the allocation of your assets. Minimizing taxes, investing at the proper risk tolerance, diversifying your assets and linking cash flow to goals are all part of prudently managing your resources.

  4. Access to Master’s Wealth Manager
    This online tool organizes your financial life, pulling all of your data into one place and giving you an up to date snapshot of your financial resources.

  5. Master’s Income Architecture
    The Master’s Income Architecture process designs and helps you establish a plan for generating income in retirement. It is an ongoing, three part process that involves creating your income foundation, building income stair steps during retirement to combat inflation and linking your accounts to the plan to provide you with a real time look at how your plan is tracking. This process serves as the foundation of your retirement income plan.

  6. Long-term Care Planning
    One of the greatest risks facing retirees is the possibility of needing long term medical care. Our process takes you through the decision points and risks you face when dealing with a long-term care situation. Housing, types of care, funding and family dynamics are all points of discussion in our process of helping you traverse this difficult landscape.

  7. Wealth Succession
    It is difficult to sort out the laws and regulations that govern the way your wealth is distributed throughout life and upon death. We give you a visual representation by providing a wealth succession flow chart that aids in the decisions you need to make in the areas of asset titling, charitable giving, annual giving and distribution at death. We also provide collaboration with the proper legal representatives to assure your desires are reflected in your written legal documents.

Our Core + Income Architecture + Retirement Services Package includes four meetings per year: two face-to- face meetings, two virtual meetings or phone calls.

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  3. Core + Income Architecture + Retirement Services Package


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