Strategy and Design

Some financial advisors build a plan for you by selecting a product from their “short-list.” Some may put your basic information into a system that generates boilerplate recommendations and unfortunately, some recommend products that pay them the most. We do not believe any of these methods produce the kind of results you need.

When we construct a plan together in our Strategy and Design meetings, it is well thought-out, client-centric and comprehensive.

Every advisor at Master’s participates in the Strategy and Design process and brings various backgrounds, experiences and areas of expertise to the planning process. After your lead advisor brings the facts related to your situation to the team, each advisor gives his input, shares experiences from previous client situations, and helps decide on the final solutions. The ability to leverage the Master’s team in this way is what distinguishes us from other financial firms, and is part of what creates a true team practice.

It is sometimes necessary to seek the advice of other tax or legal professionals when building a plan. Collaboration with attorneys and accountants ensures that many additional aspects of your unique financial situation are incorporated into your plan. We are committed to the Strategy and Design process and believe it produces a more comprehensive solution for you.


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