The Structure of Master’s Advisors FAQs

The following outlines some frequently asked questions regarding the structure of our firm. We attempt to eliminate many of the conflicts of interest common in our industry through our “true team practice” model.

In what ways can Master’s Advisors be compensated?
Our advisors are dually registered. This means that we can provide both fee-based and commission-based strategies to our clients. When recommending a commission-based strategy, Master’s Advisors may receive an upfront payment from the company issuing the product. Master’s Advisors may also receive ongoing commissions from the sale of that product. Master’s Advisors will fully disclose the structure of this compensation when recommending a commission-based strategy to a client.

How are individual employees at Master’s Advisors compensated?
All advisors and client care staff are employees of Master’s Advisors and are compensated with a salary and bonus structure. No individual at Master’s receives direct compensation by recommending specific strategies to a client.

Do you sell any proprietary products?
Master’s Advisors does not sell any proprietary products. We are an independent firm and are affiliated with an independent broker-dealer, Securities America, Inc. We have our own investment process that our in-house Investment Review Committee (IRC) follows to select and monitor the strategies we recommend to our clients.

Do you act in a fiduciary capacity?
We do act as fiduciaries to our clients. All advisors at Master’s adhere to the standards set by the CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) Board. Each advisor has signed a Fiduciary Oath committing to put clients’ interests first, disclose conflicts of interest, act with prudence and provide full disclosure to clients.

Do you pay or receive any referral fees from other professionals or organizations?
Many firms in our industry have agreements with other professionals to share compensation for client referrals. Master’s Advisors does not pay any referral fees nor does it receive compensation from professional firms that we recommend to our clients.

Do you receive any additional benefits from outside companies?
Many companies give incentives to advisors for selling a certain strategy or for a certain level of sales in a particular product. Master’s Advisors has a written policy that prohibits our employees from receiving these types of benefits from outside companies. Master’s Advisors may receive insignificant and ancillary benefits from outside companies but does not participate in any sales-based incentives.

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