Getting Organized

Getting Organized

July 1st 2016 | Posted in Blog, Client Service

When I was younger my bedroom was always messy. It wasn’t uncommon to find clothes, books, sports equipment, etc. strewn about my room. My dresser was always a final landing spot for stuff. And if I couldn’t find something I was looking for, under the bed was the first place I went to find it. To the person on the outside looking in it didn’t look like I was very organized, but if you asked me where something was in my room, I always knew exactly where to look.

Now I am a parent, and I understand the torture and the frustration I put my parents through when I was younger. It’s no shock to me or my wife to walk into a room and think a tornado had just passed through. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to understand the importance of being organized.

Without organization, things tend to slip through the cracks. You didn’t write yourself a note so you forget to return an important phone call. The electric bill gets paid a few days late because it got buried under some papers on the kitchen table. You missed an appointment with a friend because you didn’t write down the date and time.

Whatever the case may be, becoming organized doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to develop systems that work for each person or family, and diligence to turn them into habits.

There are many useful tools to help us stay organized. Here at Master’s, we are excited to introduce a new online account aggregation tool called Master’s Wealth Manager. This tool allows you to view all of your accounts in one place, including accounts that you hold outside of Master’s, and gives you a more comprehensive and up-to-date financial picture.

If you would like more information regarding Master’s Wealth Manager, please call and speak with one of the relationship managers, Tim Tyson, Deb Lorah, or myself, Adam Burns. We would love to help you get set up and start you on the way to becoming more organized!

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