I Need New Sheets

I Need New Sheets

February 2nd 2015 | Posted in Blog, Strategy

I need new sheets for my bed. There was a point in my life when sheets were sheets, but not anymore. What I now consider newly acquired refined tastes, my friends simply call High Maintenance. They shake their heads at the lengths to which I will go to get the best product at the best price.

For instance, I’m a big fan of those who submit their product reviews on various web sites. I have no clue whether these reviewers actually exist in real life or have even tried the product, but their words of wisdom take on power when I need to make a purchase. I pay attention to what they have to say.

One of my friends recently sought advice on what vacuum cleaner to purchase by posting the question on her Facebook page. A plethora of answers ensued. I thought this was a brilliant idea until I noticed that those responding did not take the time to list the pros and cons of the product they endorsed the way that reviewers on Amazon.com tend to do. It was more, “I love my Product X vacuum!!!!”  How helpful is that?!

All this to say that it matters where you get advice when you are looking to make changes in your life – be that new sheets, a new car, a move to a retirement community or finding a financial advisor. When a prospective client calls the office saying they were referred to us by a friend, I know there was a solid conversation going on between trusted friends that went well beyond “I love Master’s.”  We truly appreciate those willing to openly share their experiences with the Master’s team with their friends. We also appreciate those who listen to their friend’s experience and advice and take the next step to schedule a time to meet with an advisor. Imagine how much more confident those callers are in their choice to call us than if they had scoured the Internet for the ramblings of unknown persons.

Now if only my friends liked really crisp sheets that snap when you shake them out…

Deborah K. Lorah | Relationship Manager

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