The Master’s Minute – Introduction

March 15th 2019 | Posted in Blog, Master's Minute

We are excited to announce our new initiative to you – The Master’s Minute!

We are replacing our twice per month long-form blog with shorter, more frequent weekly posts. This shift will also bring a more conversational writing style with it, looking to engage you as a reader in a new way.

Our focus will continue to be on what we do every day for our clients and dive deeper into the WHY of Financial Planning and how we apply that to the everyday advice given to our clients.

We hope to have more interaction with you through our weekly posts as we all explore how to make prudent, impactful financial decisions driven towards our personal goals and values. You will see a call to action at the end of each blog post that invites you to engage in dialogue that relates to our weekly topic.

Along with this new initiative, we are also excited to announce our renewed presence on social media. Please follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You will see updates on the Master’s team, event announcements and posts featuring outside sources to help improve your financial outcomes.

We look forward to interacting more with you through The Master’s Minute!


Garrison R. North | CFP® Managing Partner

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