Our Beliefs

We do not believe the financial services industry has developed a consumer-centric model.
This belief shapes how we do business, and how we have built our true team practice with a client’s interest first mentality.

We believe there are three major flaws in the industry’s pitch to consumers: 

Flaw #1: The industry revolves around transactional business.
In your conversations with professionals in the industry, in the way you pay those professionals, and in the way the industry itself markets to you, the emphasis is either on business transactions or asset management, not financial decision making. An insurance agent tries to sell you an insurance policy, a commission-based advisor wants to sell you an annuity or mutual fund, and even many fee-only advisors focus on how they are managing your account through proactive trading. You pay all of these professionals for financial product placement and/or asset management. Our model, on the other hand, emphasizes your financial plan and leverages a team of advisors rather than one individual advisor. We use financial tools and strategies simply as a means to accomplish your stated financial goals.

Flaw #2: The industry sells an illusion of control over the market.
The stock market is unpredictable, yet our industry tries to make us believe we can control it. That might mean selling you on your own ability to spot trends, predict the future and make moves in your account, or telling you that an industry expert can do this for you. The industry avoids the inconvenient truth that no one can consistently predict what the market will do. We do not make predictions, we don’t run exotic black box trading strategies, and we do not make decisions based on what the market did today. Predicting the market is simply not something we try to do for our clients. Instead, we focus on the financial behaviors and principles that lead to success in your financial life over long periods of time. Staying invested in the market, investing at the proper risk level, and not allowing emotions to drive investing decisions are a few examples of successful behaviors. None us of can control the stock market, but we can all control our own behavior.

Flaw #3: The industry wants you to focus your life on money.
Money, money, money – to have it you better be thinking about it all the time. Although our industry bombards us with this message, at Master’s we believe there is a better way. We will help you build a financial plan uniquely designed for you and rooted in proven, long-term financial principles so that money does not have to be the focus of your life. When you have a plan designed to meet your long-term goals and objectives, what happens in the short-term becomes much less important. Instead of obsessing over how today’s market has affected your 401k, you are free to pursue things of lasting value and manage your wealth for a life of purpose.

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