The Master’s Minute – Finding Focus

The Master’s Minute – Finding Focus

August 27th 2019 | Posted in Blog, Master's Minute

I am currently reading The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker. Drucker has consulted with executives in the largest companies in the world, and his initial insight on their routines surprised me.

According to Drucker, the most effective executives have mastered the art of focus. They spend most of their time on just one project or idea for months at a time! Imagine all the demands on an executive’s time, how could he or she possibly be able to focus on just one thing at a time?

Think about your own life. You have various demands at work, events for your kids or grandkids, hobbies, vacations and many other priorities. No wonder our financial goals tend to get lost among all of these (much more important) items!

So instead of getting overwhelmed with the number of goals you need to tackle, let’s take Drucker’s advice. For the next few months, focus on just the most important priority in your financial life, just one.

Decide on the timeframe for the goal (one month, six months, a year), define how you will measure it (a daily reminder, a tracking spreadsheet, a weekly conversation with your spouse) and provide accountability (call us!)

Are you up for the challenge?

Garrison R. North | CFP® Managing Partner

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