The Master’s Minute – The Power of Routine

The Master’s Minute – The Power of Routine

January 21st 2020 | Posted in Blog, Master's Minute

I recently discovered this quote from motivational speaker Tony Robbins. “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”

The power of positive routine and rhythm is often subtle but highly effective in delivering results. Why is routine so powerful and effective?

Routine creates efficiency. When we don’t need to spend time thinking about what to do next, we get more done. Also, the more frequently we do a task or activity the same way, the more likely we are to get it done faster.

Routine reduces stress. Once we get into a routine, our brains can go into autopilot. We are not fretting about what comes next and can live with a more relaxed mind set.

Routine breeds momentum. If we build one positive daily routine, it will often springboard us to another. After years of stacking one routine upon another, we often discover that we’re well on our way to achieving our life goals.

For many of us, our work is a natural conduit for routine. The simple fact that we need to be somewhere at a certain time each morning is a core tenet of our routine. One of the dangers of retirement is that we lose the fundamental parts of our routine when we stop working. At Master’s we are quick to encourage clients who are contemplating retirement to carefully consider what new routines are they going to establish to replace the powerful routines derived from work.

What routines have you found to be particularly powerful in your life?

Lyle E. Hershey | CLU®, RICP®, CFP CEO / Founding Partner

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