The Power & Privilege of Generosity

The Power & Privilege of Generosity

August 15th 2016 | Posted in Blog, Faith Integration

Recently, our oldest daughter Christie and I had a good conversation regarding the verses found in I Timothy 6:17-19. This passage from the Bible gives a clear call to generosity, in both attitude and action.

As I thought more about that conversation, and those particular verses, I was impressed by both the power and the privilege of generosity. Let’s first look at the privilege component. This may be stating the obvious, but we are a blessed people. We could’ve been born into a family located in a third-world country struggling daily just to survive. Instead, we are part of families from a great country with far more resources than many people around the world will ever experience. This inherent privilege alone should challenge us to generosity.

Secondly, let’s look at the privilege of generosity from a spiritual perspective. When we give to our churches, or our favorite ministries, we have the incredible privilege to “come alongside” of God’s work and what He is accomplishing through those organizations. Is there a financial privilege greater than that?

Now, let’s look at the power of generosity. First, living a life of generosity is living life “with open hands.” In stark contrast, our culture tells us to live life with closed or clenched hands. In that mode, you grab, accumulate, and keep all you can get for personal consumption and selfish purposes. Living with open hands will probably change our perspective on life. Practicing generosity has the power to free us from misguided financial motivations and the control money can so easily have over us.

The second thing that makes generosity powerful is that it is usually contagious. Generosity can be both caught & taught. Modeling and teaching generosity to our children and grandchildren is a high calling with potentially powerful outcomes. We have enjoyed working with some of you in implementing a “Family Legacy of Generosity” strategy as part of your charitable planning efforts. Giving future generations a proper perspective on wealth and generosity is a priceless gift. And, as our friend Ron Blue likes to say, “Make sure you pass along wisdom – before you pass along wealth.”

Why not take a few minutes to read I Timothy 6:17-19 again, and tell us your thoughts. We welcome these conversations and count it a privilege to serve your planning needs.

Charles D. Keller | CRC Advisor / Founding Partner

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