The Worry War

The Worry War

May 1st 2015 | Posted in Blog, Personal Development

Do you worry? I guess that may be a silly question because worry is part of life to some degree or another. A better question may be: What are the thoughts, circumstances, events, etc. that set the “worry wheels” in motion for you? We have all experienced the effects of worry, and we could come up with a laundry list of its negative ramifications in our lives. What is most helpful for me is to focus on solutions that disarm worry.

There are two keys that help me when I find myself worrying:

1.       Choice: This may be the most obvious yet the more difficult of the two. We do not always have a choice of what thoughts enter our minds, but we do have some control of what we allow to stay there. I need to be aware of what I am thinking and take an active role to filter out unproductive thoughts. Sometimes this is easy, and other times this is a process that takes place over time.

2.       Thankfulness: The second key in the battle against worry is the action of giving thanks – not just feeling gratitude which is an emotion of thankfulness. I think this in particular is helpful because it changes my focus and attitude. My focus is taken from the object of my worry and placed on someone else, and my attitude starts to shift from concern over my worries to appreciation for someone’s impact on my life.

Practicing these two keys is much easier said than done. Difficulties will continue, although our perspective and approach to those difficulties can make a significant difference in our lives. I have to remind myself that the challenge to cultivate this response to worry is worth the effort.

Dealing with worry is a reality of life. We realize that planning for the future financially can be stressful. It is our desire that through your experience at Master’s, the worry that often accompanies planning for your financial goals is greatly reduced. Thank you for your trust and confidence in us on this journey as we partner together.

Timothy S. Tyson | CFP® Client Service Director

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