There are New Sheets on My Bed

There are New Sheets on My Bed

June 1st 2015 | Posted in Blog, Market + Industry

I was forced to make a decision about new sheets when I noticed that my old sheets were so worn that they threatened to disintegrate in multiple places at any moment. While putting the brand new, crisp percale sheets on my bed, I wondered why in the world I had waited so long to make a decision about making this purchase. No time? Too much work involved? Just not on the priority list? Wanting to hang on to what is familiar and comfortable?

Where else in my life was I putting off making similar decisions?

A recent family incident has brought me to the realization that my legal documents are sadly out-of-date and, in the case of Advanced Directives, non-existent. Updating those documents will take time, effort, and discussions and thought about things that, frankly, I’d just rather not talk or think about. But, if there were a crisis in my life, an incident that threatened to shred the fabric of my life, well, the time and effort taken to update my legal documents would be well worth it.

So the challenge is before me to have discussions with family and friends about what is most important to me and then take action to put brand new legal documents in the hands of those who care about me and will care for me.

Deborah K. Lorah | Relationship Manager

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