Winning Teams

Winning Teams

September 15th 2014 | Posted in Blog, Strategy

This summer has been filled with helping coach my son’s baseball team. It’s fun teaching young men how to work together as a cohesive team. There are challenges with managing egos and emotions that can get in the way of performance, but when the team clicks, it is something to watch. The team runs likes a well-oiled machine when each player understands his role and responsibilities at his specific position on the field. Although each one uses his own gifts and abilities to execute his job, the team has to work together to win.

It’s not a stretch to see the parallels between what it takes to be a successful baseball team and a successful team at work. At Master’s, a big part of winning is defined by serving the client with excellence every time. With the volume of details we need and tasks we need to execute, teamwork is essential in serving with excellence. It takes a concerted effort of individuals understanding their roles and the positions they have on the team. It also takes chemistry – the right mix of people collaborating to provide a high level of service to each client.

Teamwork at Master’s involves:

  • Advisors listening to and understanding our clients’ goals and objectives
  • The team of advisors drawing on our resources and knowledge to provide the most effective and objective advice for our clients
  • The client care team executing the transaction details accurately to make sure client assets are handled properly

In today’s society, with so much emphasis on pride in personal achievement, playing on a team seems unappealing to many. At Master’s, we take a different view. Vince Lombardi sums up the essence of teamwork by saying – “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

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